Information concerning the Karl's Legacy Event will become available mid August

A Note From Kurt & Brenda Potach

On behalf of all the children who will benefit from your generosity,
we want to say “Thank-You”.

Cancer research accomplishes many things, not the least of which is a cure for cancer. Karl was able to experience the benefits of research with an item called a Port a-cath. Because of its design, it made administering chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, and the procedure of bloodwork much less threatening and virtually pain-free.

Because of what children had to endure prior to Karl’s time, we are very thankful for the people who went before us in giving to research. We can’t personally thank all of them, but we can thank you! You are giving unselfishly to children you will never meet and families you will never know. Tomorrow, another child will be diagnosed with cancer and he will in some way benefit from you generosity. Thank-you for being so gracious.

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The Legacy of the Karl Tourney

In the fall of 1998, the 1st "Karl Tourney" was held and the "Karl Potach Foundation" was formed. Since that time, lots of great golf was played, friendships were formed, and over one million dollars was raised and donated to pediatric cancer research.

The decision to end the Karl Tourney Event was not an easy one to make. We are so very grateful for all of the support this event received through these 26 years. It is our hope that the Karl Legacy Event, at the Hormel Institute, will be a time to gather once again to support pediatric research, the children fighting this battle, and the families that walk beside them.