The Karl Potach and Karl Tourney On-Line Fundraising Event

About the Event

Join the fun and help support Pediatric Cancer Research as you bid on Auction Items, join in on the Matching Funds, and, if you choose, pay the fees for the 4-somes you were looking forward to playing with.

Registering For Tournament

Although not required to participate in the auction, you have the option here to pat the fees for your 4-somes.

Donation Matching

During the week, any donation received through the website will be matched for up to $6,250.

Donation Goal

Join in on the Fun

Beginning on Aug 10, you’ll have everything you need to navigate your way to being able to bid on auction items, see photos and descriptions of those items, and how to join in on the matching funds. If you’d like to pay fees for your 4-somes, you can do so here.

Don’t be intimidated by this event if you’ve never done this before. It’ll be easy and fun!

We continue to contribute to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and the Wilms Tumor Pediatric Research at The Hormel Institute.

How to Register for the Auction

Once the auction site launches, begin by clicking the “Start” button in the upper right corner

Next, you will be asked to create a new Greater Giving account. Start by entering your email address.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. This verification is required before you can begin bidding. Once verified, you can enter the rest of your information.

Once the rest of your information is entered, you are all set. You can begin browsing and bidding on items by clicking on the large green Start Bidding button.


This tournament has produced so many good things in people's lives when it comes to raising dollars for cancer research and the kids it affects. You see smiles, tears, and friendships that last forever. But above all, you see how God works in people's hearts
Tim Duren
The funds from "Karl's Tourney" have led to discoveries making great strides in the understanding of Wilms' Tumor - findings that truly have had cancer researchers worldwide take a new look at what causes and prevents this disease. On behalf of our faculty and staff, know how much we appreciate the friendships and generous support that come from all of you - you indeed are making a difference.
Dr. Ann M. Bode
Over the years an integral part of our fundraising success has been the Matching Funds Program. Initiated by several generous supporters the Matching Funds Program provides The Karl Potach Foundation to quickly accumulate donations by matching an amount a donor is willing to contribute as long as others are willing to match the amount. For instance, a donor offers an immediate $5,000 donation to the foundation with the caveat being other donors need to contribute enough to match it. Once the $5,000 is offered we give other donors the opportunity to match in any amount they feel comfortable until the total of all other donors reached $5,000 – the match is complete and $10,000 is donated to The Karl Potach Foundation. Please consider if this is a way you would feel comfortable in forwarding our goal to end childhood cancer. Thank you in advance for your support.
Lance Pogones
I felt devastated when I found out the tournament was canceled. Not only has this been a time when the same four friends got our busy schedules together for a round of golf but I was also missing out on the op-portunity to network with a great bunch of people. After discussing this with my group, we all felt the same way. Not only was this a great day of golf we were missing out on, it was the opportunity to give to a cause, fight, and family we had all grown to love and respect. The growth and commitment that we have shared, and felt a part of for so many years, is much more than Golf. We will all be forwarding our fees for Karl’s Tourney 2020 and wish you all the best. Keep up the awesome fight. See you in 2021.
Steve Moline